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January 17, 2019

I feel like it’s time for a candor talk about yeast infections.  I have many clients coming to me with symptoms indicating a much bigger problem.  But when it comes to yeast infections, I MOSTLY have clients just doing a few things without knowing, that is making their lives miserable in the form of an itchy, scratchy, sore and sometimes smelly – yeast infection.

First of all – the basics:  A vaginal yeast infection is an imbalance in the bacterial flora of the vagina, and more specifically it’s an over growth of Candida Albicans.  Now one can have an overgrowth of this in other places in their body also – most commonly their intestines.  In babies – an overgrowth of Candida is indicated with a white tongue and referred to as Thrush.  But I don’t want to get hung up on a bunch of info here.  This blog is specifically about many unknown causes of yeast infections and also other cases of bacterial vaginosis (bacterial imbalances).  Any of these things can upset the natural ‘eco syste...

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