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Back to School, Back to Lunches

We all struggle with healthy lunches for the kids. And many of us break down and end up sending single serve packages of processed foods, because it’s easy – and they love the taste. But here’s the thing; these processed foods are full of artificial and mind altering chemicals that not only affect your child’s brain, but also their blood sugar and taste buds! Training their taste buds to try new things, and grow to like new tastes is a process – but a worthy one. Here are some ways you can improve your child’s wellbeing not only now, but also in the future by giving them the proper nutritional foundation they deserve.

Jell-O cups? …make your own healthy sugar free version using collagen powder and stevia.

Pudding cups? …make your own healthy dairy free version using coconut milk and cocoa powder.

Potato chips? …make your own healthy good fat version using sweet potatoes or kale with olive oil.

Popcorn? …make your own healthy chemical fee version using organic air popped popcorn and seasonings of choice. Consider nutritional yeast for a cheesy taste.

Granola bars? ….make your own healthy gluten free version using oats and honey with a seed mix they will love.

Packaged brownies? …make your own healthy gluten free version using black beans and oats.

Crackers and cheese? …make your own protein rich, gluten free, dairy free version using rice crackers and hummus dip.

Peanut butter sandwich? …what about almond butter or cashew butter? No nuts allowed? What about experimenting with quality cuts of meat (from your roasting pan) cheese and rice crackers, or your version of a healthy pizza with goat cheese? …or what about a homemade soup in a thermos?

Other snack suggestions: roasted chick peas, fruit skewers, devilled eggs, nut/seed mix, natural gummies, baked apples with oat crumble, homemade apple sauce, homemade nut free cookies, guacamole and organic nacho chips.

Sometimes, a little thinking outside the box and planning can change everyone’s life for the better!

Hmm. Food for thought!

…Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo

Tricia Nickl Holistic Nutrition & Iridology

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