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What is Life Coaching and NLP?

What isLife Coaching?



Some of the many benefits of having a Life Coach is that it …

      ✓  Helps to create change and create set healthy goals 

      ✓  Offers support and encouragement ​

         Provides guidance, and helps you find answers 

         Creates an action-plan to achieve results.


A life coach is someone who is trained to help you identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and assist you in improving the major areas of your life. They focus on your strengths and create strategies that work best for you to obtain your goals. By offering guidance, knowledge, encouragement and support, a Life Coach can help you move through life more easily, confidently and successfully, helping you put plans into action. 

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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


Some of the many benefits of NLP is that it …

       ✓  Helps us understand ourselves at a deeper level 

       ✓  Helps us to uncover our belief systems, unhealthy patterns and paradigm 

       ✓  Helps us to discover how to make changes in our mindset 

       ✓  Helps us to change our unwanted patterns and unwanted behaviours



If you are questioning which is right for you, understand that NLP takes a significant amount of effort and work. It takes making a commitment to understanding yourself on a deeper level, putting techniques into practice, and always requires homework. I incorporate NLP techniques into my Life Coaching sessions to prevent overwhelm, and create lasting change.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a specific type of training that explores how our thoughts impact our actions. It looks at how our brains interpret information and how this affects what we do. NLP techniques use language to examine our thought processes, emotions, and feelings, and help us learn to control them rather than being controlled by them. 

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