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"Tricia Nickl, is a natural on stage.  She inspires her audience with her personal stories paired with her educated talent in the healing field.    With grace and ease she takes her audience on a journey with her.   She was a fan favorite at MomondaysKW to an audience over 200.  Weather she is speaker to a small group or on a large stage she connects with the audience, helps them connect with themselves through what she shares and has fun doing it.  I highly recommend Tricia for any speaking event."

~Jackie Thomas~

Breakthrough Expert & MoMondays Emcee/Host 

Service: Motivational Talk

"After having had 3 children in 5 years, I had gained a lot of weight.  And for many years I struggled with a painful stomach issue which I went to several doctors and through several procedures to correct.  I had pretty much given up on figuring out what was causing my issue, and any hope of losing weight because of the pain I was in.   But based on a referral from my friend, I went to see Tricia.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  On my first visit to Tricia she was able to offer me some easy, natural solutions.  I was so impressed with the result of the simple changes I had to see what other things she could fix.  Tricia took the time to find out what my lifestyle looked like and what kinds of foods my family and I ate.  She tailored meal plans that were easy to make, that my whole family would eat.  Every time I felt like I could not do it, Tricia was there to support me and encourage me.  I have already lost 50lbs and I am fitter than I have ever been and my skin looks great.  I am happier, have more energy and I don't have any mood swings or brain fog. Tricia helped me to completely eliminate processed foods from my daily diet.  I also no longer have any symptoms of my stomach issue that had plagued me for years!"

~Patricia Banderado~

Hamilton, ON

Flight Center Manager

Service: Iridology/Menu-Makeover/Menu-Planning

"In the past, Tricia Nickl has taken the time out of her busy schedule to speak to our business owners, and employees, with regard to keeping a healthy lifestyle through Nutrition, while working and balancing home life.  Not only did Tricia volunteer her time, she was well organized with some samples for the guests to try.  She also had some recipes and information for them to take home.  I really like when the speaker gets to know their audience.  Well, Tricia did that.  She knew their names, what their businesses were or where they worked.  She also mentioned some of her own personal experiences.  I would highly recommend Tricia as a speaker for any organization, conference, or corporation."

~Christine Smith~

Woodstock & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre

Service: Corporate Wellness Seminar

"Tricia was absolutely fantastic! I was suffering from a lot of stomach problems and bloating. Even though I ate a really healthy diet already, she was able to help out further by introducing me to some vitamins and minerals and suggested cutting out a few items from my diet. Slowly my symptoms lessened and I was feeling much better! I cannot thank her enough for her services. She was prompt and professional and answered all my questions. The package she put together was great and easy to understand. I was even able to claim her services on my benefits. Thank you Tricia for making my stomach happier again!"

~Ashley C.~

Paris, ON


Service: In-Depth Analysis

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