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Your Tastebuds - Your Problem?

Years ago in public school, many of us were taught in public school about our sense of taste. We were told that we had 4 tastes that our tongue experiences. Sweet (which was by way of the tip of our tongue), Salty (on either side of the tip), Sour (directly above the salty sensors) & Bitter (at the very back of our tongue).

However newer research has shown that our taste buds aren’t just clustered in those areas, but also spread out across our entire tongue. While those tastes respond mostly in those areas, there is quite a bit of overlap. Also to mention, thanks to the research of German scientist David P. Hnig, a fifth basic taste has now been accepted. This taste is called Umami, and it senses MSG, and interestingly enough, it can be sensed through all of our taste buds.

Given that MSG is an overused food additive that enhances flavor, it begs the questions; has our taste buds evolved to be able to handle the severity of the tastes we are experiencing? And could that possibly explain the evolving addiction to MSG enhanced foods that the younger generation is experiencing, leading to all sorts of health complications including obesity?

Hmm. Food for thought!

…Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo

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