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Is Christmas In YOUR Air?

'Tis the season where coming indoors just doesn't seem complete without a warm and comforting smell! And while many are in search of a "3 Wick Christmas Candle" to burn throughout the holiday season, there are many less expensive and healthier options. The option I prefer? A Tea Light Warmer. The ceramic warmers come in simple and themed decorative styles, but the benefit is long lasting and wonderful. You simply take a few drops of an essential oil (or combination of essential oils) and add them into about one teaspoon of a carrier oil in the top of the warmer. I prefer coconut oil as my carrier. Then you place a tea light in the bottom, preferably an environmental option like beeswax or soy. Light the tea light any time you want the amazing smells to run through your house like a winter wonderland!

Here are three great winter essential oil combinations to recreate the smells of your youth! I hope you enjoy them. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Essential Oils
Christmas Essential Oils

…Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo

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