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Food Label Guidelines

Food Label
Food Label Guidelines

You are trying your best. You are watching what you eat, and trying to eat whole foods as much as possible. But life gets busy, and sometimes you need the help of a packaged or prepared food. But the food label looks scary and confusing. How can you learn how to read the label so that you aren't eating all sorts of junk?

The following tips can help guide you when reading a food label:

  • Sodium. Ideally under 250mg per serving.

  • Sugar. Ideally under 10g per serving.

  • Trans Fat. You don’t want any!

  • MSG. (Flavor Enhancer) You don’t want any!

  • Words you can’t pronounce. No thank you!

  • Portion size. Size does matter, pay attention!

...Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo


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