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Holistic Spring Cleaning

For many of us, spring is a time of housecleaning and de-cluttering. We make time to give the house a good old fashioned top to bottom cleaning. And, it seems like once this is on our mind we remember our health and our bodies, and we get it in our head to give our body a good spring cleaning too.

All the time I get asked about cleansing and detoxing, especially at this time of year. And I am always amazed by the grand gestures people are willing to make (or start) in attempt to remove toxins from their body – without even taking into consideration what is going in on a regular basis!

I ask you to look at the bigger picture. Think "Holistic" Spring Cleaning.

Look at your environment. What is around you? Do you have air fresheners plugged in every room of your house? Are you cleaning your house with toxic products proclaiming promises of busting grime? Are you washing the dishes you eat from with petroleum filled dish detergent? Are you still throwing those smelly static sheets into your dryer?

Look at what you put on your body. Are you using hairsprays, shampoos and perfumes filled with chemicals? Can you pronounce the ingredients in your skin creams? Is your toothpaste still a thyroid blocking fluoride blob disguised as minty clean breath freshener? Or do you use the other chemical laden bottle to freshen your breath?

Holistic Spring Cleaning
Holistic Spring Cleaning

Look at what you put in your body. How does your fridge look? Is it filled with fruits and vegetables? Or is it on the empty side – and your snack cupboard is busting at the seams with “foods” with no nutritional value what-so-ever? Is your crisper filled with nitrate filled luncheon meat – the kind in stiff plastic wrap that leaches even more toxins by the minute? Is the milk in your fridge the regular run of the mill milk that is advertised to ‘do your body good’ when in fact it is brimming with hormones just waiting to worsen your hormone issue? And out of all of those things – is any of it organic, or is all of it originating from a source sprayed with pesticides and herbicides? ...and don’t even get me started on water!

Kind of depressing, huh? Well it doesn’t have to be! While I am the first one to admit that we have many, many reasons to require a cleanse or detox, there are many, many ways to do that. And the easiest, most cost efficient and least invasive one is to take stock of what’s outside of you BEFORE it gets inside of you! Educate yourself on healthier alternatives. Come back to basics. Keep things simple. And if you need help, I would be happy to help you make better choices for living a cleaner lifestyle...every day!

Hmm. Food for thought!

...Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo

Tricia Nickl Holistic Nutrition & Iridology

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