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Pe-eww! Do you have bad breath? Find out what’s causing it!

Do you suffer from Halitosis? You don’t have to! There is much more to keeping your breath fresh than brushing your teeth! The following reasons (explained loosely and easily) are why your breath maybe awful in the morning…and perhaps all day long!

  1. Imbalanced Bacterial Flora: So the digestive tract – specifically the bowel, is home to all sorts of good and bad bacteria. If the bad grows faster than the good – you get problems.

  2. Food Intolerance/Sensitivities: Intolerance to a food is much different than an allergy. A sensitivity/intolerance is a digestive response, not a histamine reaction. If you want to fix the sensitivity, you must fix the leaky gut!

  3. Low Digestive Juices: Food Intolerances, medications and age are the biggest causes of low stomach acid. If you have Acid Reflux – this applies to you!

  4. Cavities, Gum Disease & Oral Infections: When was the last time you went to the dentist? Enough said.

  5. Strep Throat, Sinus Infections or similar viruses: If you are constantly getting sick with Ears, Nose and Throat issues, understand, these are often the result of a low immune system and likely stems from a Food Intolerance!

  6. Smoking: It puts the kybosh on so many proper functions of the body. In this case, it squash’s digestive juices, hence the bad breath.

  7. Poor hygiene: Bacteria grow everywhere. Especially in damp/wet places. Brush your teeth. Twice a day. And scrape your tongue.

  8. Severe Constipation/Bowel Obstructions: If you can’t poop, the plumbing gets back up. You don’t need those fumes and toxins off-gassing the wrong way.

  9. Stomach Ulcers and other internal infections: If something is infected and/or bleeding on the inside – that’s a whole different bacterial ballgame.

  10. Fasting: Fasting lowers saliva levels. Lower saliva levels mean bacteria can’t rid the body as quick as normal.

Note: Bad breath in children can be caused by something stuck up their nose!

Note: Diabetes and Keto Diets can result in a sweet/acetone smell as your body burns ketones. And if you didn’t know this already, and are currently on a Keto Diet – then you haven’t done your research properly and have no business jumping in like that!

So it all really comes down to digestion, elimination and immune system function. And if digestion and elimination functions are working well – then your immune system function will be also!

Hmm. Food for thought!

…Stay Healthy Friends! :0)

T xo

Tricia Nickl Holistic Nutrition & Iridology

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